Vicki Ferguson

Vicki 3

About me:

Born on June 25, the eldest of 5 children, with an older sister that was adopted in when I was 3. I grew up around the area of Huntington Beach, California, skating, skateboarding and playing softball, while I helped raise my younger brothers as they came along. From the time I was 12, I’ve had some sort of job, babysitting, yard work, etc. I graduated from Westminster High School almost a year early and soon was hired at Disneyland. I married at 18 and 3 years later had my first child, Jeff . 5 years later I was blessed to have a daughter, Nicole. I moved to the High Desert area in 1985, and brought my kids out to fresh air, great schools and open spaces. I have been employed as a receptionist, secretary, bouncer, limo driver, motorhome transporter, a realtors assistant as well as operating my own business carpet cleaning and detailing. I know that seems like a long list, but, when you are a single mom, you do whatever it takes to provide for your children I love music, dancing and animals. My hobbies include drawing, painting, sewing…People that know me will tell you, anything artsy and crafty. By winning the popular vote of the listeners, I was fortunate enough to begin working on Kat Country’s morning show in 1997. In 1998, I left the station to marry and operate a trucking company with my husband, who sadly passed away after a battle with cancer. I have been back with Kat Country since January 2011 and I love my life. It’s filled with music, fun, animals and people that I love, that love me. I am also a proud grandma of 5 beautiful grandchildren. As I say, “Grandkids are proof that you let your kids live…”